MUSIC: Our Musicians' Gallery

Looking for Jersey musicians who've spent decades performing Live Music?

Jules & Carole share a life-long passion for music. They've been making music together for 20 years...

solo guitarist performing with singers at hotel in Jersey

Carole, aged 15, playing guitar with the Pallot Sisters

two saxophone players in Los Angeles

Jules with sax legend Pete Christlieb in Los Angeles, 1994

Jules & Eric Ashworth, Jersey's double-bass legend, appearing at The Blue Note, 1999

saxophone and guitar duo on outdoor gig

Jules & Carole's first photo of The Bossa Basseline Duo

jersey musicians leaving outdoor gig

The Bossa Basseline Duo in 2003

The Bossa Basseline Duo at Jersey Arts Centre, courtesy of Chris George Photography

wedding duo performing outdoors

Jules & Carole performing for an outdoor Wedding in Jersey